A Dragon's Story

A Dragon's Story is fantasy style game by the providers Nextgen Gaming which takes you on a quest to the medieval times with fire breathing dragons protecting treasure and knights saving the day. If you would like to be in with the chance to win some of the treasure then play A Dragon’s Story today at Slot Shack! 


A Dragon’s Story is a medieval-themed slot game where you can take part in a quest to win treasure (cash) guarded by the fire breathing dragon. The music in this game also hints to the fact that it is a medieval theme. Whilst playing A Dragon’s Story, you will come across symbols that have different pay rates, for instance, some of the symbols are higher paying and others are low paying. The low paying symbols are the numbers and letters that look like colourful stones. High paying symbols are the treasure symbol (golden cup, coins and jewels), the knight, and the shield and shoe.

 How to Play

 A Dragon’s Story is an easy game to get the hang of; however, to find out more information for example, which symbols are the highest paying and how you can win, you can click the ‘I’ button to find out all the information you will need to know before playing. If you have played slot games before then you can start playing soon as you open up the game.

 In order to place a bet, you can click the blue and red arrows.  The blue arrow facing upwards lets you increase the amount you want to bet or the red arrow facing downwards decreases the amount that you bet.  You can change the bet you want to make at any time by clicking these arrows.

By clicking the ‘super bet’ button you can increase your chances of winning more money because the small dragons that appear at the bottom of the reel turn symbols into wild symbols which are high paying.

 After you have decided the amount of money you want to bet, you can click spin and start playing to see how much you could win.

Game Features

 In this game, you will come across bonus features which include free spins and bonus symbols that allow you to win a huge jackpot. For example, the wild card (dragon) is a high paying symbol and the scatter symbol (jewel) is also high paying. If you land 3 scatter symbols across the reel then you can get 10 free spins. If you get a win whilst spinning, you can click the symbol next to the treasure chest to boost your winnings by guessing if the card will be a colour or suit.

 We think this slot is perfect for anyone who loves tales of fantasy and fairytale. If you want to be able to win some treasure then play A Dragon's Story today!

Game Stats
Paylines 25
Min. Bet £0.25
Max. Bet £50
Bonus Round Bonus Symbols, Free Spins