7 Chakra's

We all feel a little stressed and slot games can be a great way to unwind. Why not take it one step further and get your chakras realigned thanks to 7 Chakras. This is a bright and fun-filled slot from Genii and you can try it for yourself now right here at Slot Shack.


7 Chakras has a calming background which gets you ready to play and helps you concentrate on the reels. The music also helps you to get in the right mood but if it isn’t for you then you can head to the options to turn them off.

The symbols of the game are beautifully designed and each of the regular ones carries the design of one of the chakras and its own colour. They include the crown in purple, the third eye in blue, the throat in turquoise, the heart in green, the solar plexus in the yellow, the sacral in orange, and the root in red.

You also need to keep your eyes peeled for the lotus symbol which acts as the free spins scatter, and the Wild which has a map of the Chakras on the body.

How to Play

For both newcomers and old hands, Genii has made this game an easy one to manage. If you have never played a slot before, all you need to do is hit the green spinner next to the reels to spin them and see if you can land a win! For more information about the symbols and what they stand for, you need only head to the paytable by clicking the “i" symbol in the top right corner.

Next to the paytable, you will find the button for the options, which looks like three stacked bars. Here you can find the autoplay functions to help you spin up to 50x in one go, and the bet controls. Bets in 7 Chakras are calculated using the bet per line method which means you can set how many coins you want to bet per line, what you want the worth of those coins to be, and how many lines you want to bet across. You have everything you need at your fingertips to play the game!

Game Features

We think the bonus features of 7 Chakras really make it special. First up is the amazing Bet Both Way feature which we are always happy to see included in a game. This means that you get a win if it lands running from either left to right or right to left. Combined with the 2x win multiplier which comes with the Wild, we think this is a winner of a feature!

The other major feature in 7 Chakras is the brilliant free spins. All you need to get started is three or more scatters landing on your reels. This will take you through to the bonus screen where you can construct your free spins. You will be shown a lotus flower with a bunch of different jewels. Pick one jewel for each of the chakras and you will have a unique combination of win multipliers and free spins. This makes for a unique bonus round each and every time you play it!

 If you feel off-kilter, it is time to fix that. Realign your energy now with 7 Chakras!

Game Stats
Paylines 49
Min. Bet £0.01
Max. Bet £61.25
Bonus Round Free Spins, Win Multipliers