Dark Vortex

With mystery, intrigue, and a great chance to win with every spin, the Dark Vortex is summoning you to Slot Shack! Straight from the inventive minds at Yggdrasil Gaming, this slot has some interesting characters and fantastic mechanics that are bound to help you win big. Try it for yourself today!


Any fan of Dungeons & Dragons or Lovecraftian horror is going to find plenty to love in Dark Vortex. The reels are set in a doorway covered in eerie carvings and malicious faces while the symbols themselves promise just who might be on the other side of the vortex and attempting to break through.

The symbols can be separated very neatly into high paying and low paying. The high symbols are five different monsters of all different abilities and appearances; a purple tentacle giant, a spiky red demon, a green slime creature, a dark blue canine corruption, and a light blue Beholder-like monster. The lower paying symbols are all books which represent the monsters both with a matching colour and some shared feature.

There are also a few scatters in the game. The vortex is opened using the intricately designed gold vortex scatter. When opened, you may also see some golden Wilds, and some pink or blue orbs clutched in monstrous hands.

How to Play

To play Dark Vortex, you just need to examine the controls at the bottom of the reels. Simply adjust your bet using the controls on the left and then use either the spinner in the centre or the autospin on its right to get those wins headed to you!

If you would like some more information about how the wins are calculated, the pay value of any of the symbols, or more details about the free spins, you should head to the paytable on the left-hand side of the game reels.

Game Features

Free spins are supreme in Dark Vortex. To get started, you just need to land 2 of the Vortex scatters in any adjacent reels. This triggers the Vortex spins and cracks open the gateway to help you win. The number of ways to win will shoot up and the number of symbols on the chosen reels will increase. If you then land another scatter adjacent to the Vortex reels, the Vortex will expand and the ways to win increases again. If you manage to cover all 5 reels with the Vortex, you are looking at some free spins.

During the vortex spins, you may also see some pink and blue orbs flying about. The blue will determine how many free spins you get and you are always guaranteed at least 5. The pink ones indicate how many rows of Stacked Wilds you are going to earn; just the thing you need to score a big win.

If you wish to try the free spins without waiting for them to occur naturally, the free spins can be bought using your credit, resulting in a random assignment of free spins and stacked wilds.

We think Dark Vortex is a brilliant game with some fantastic potential for great wins. If you are searching for a great chance to grab some wins in a unique setting, you are bound to have a blast with this slot.

Game Stats
Paylines 243
Min. Bet £0.10
Max. Bet £50
Bonus Round Various