The Showman

Do you delight in all things magical and mysterious? We have the perfect game for you here at Slot Shack! The Showman by Mutuel Play balances a great game with free spins and bonus wins, so get ready to embark on a magical slots adventure!


Mutuel Play has chosen a rich purple and gold to act as the double colour scheme of the game; giving everything a very opulent tone and giving you the firm impression that this is a high-quality game. The same high level of detail has also been applied to the game’s symbols.

The lower paying symbols are a J, Q, K, and A, recognisable to anyone who has played some slots before. These are coloured with the same deep purple and have been given a font we would expect to find on a spell’s manuscript. Higher paying symbols include a pair of gloves prompting you to draw a card, a rabbit peeping over the brim of a top hat, a pair of handcuffs straight from an escapologist’s act, a wand flourishing before a bunch of roses, and a fierce-looking guillotine.

There is also a pair of pigeons which only appear in the bonus game, the bonus scatter which features the Showman’s assistant and a knife-throwing act, and a Wild bearing a portrait of the enigmatic Showman himself.

How to Play

Here’s the great secret behind the Showman; it is a wonderfully simple slot to play! We think anyone, whether they have played 1000 slots or this is their first, will have no problem mastering this game. Everything you need to play is available right there in the game screen. Your bet and the spin functions are fully controlled by the panel on the right; meaning that you are in full control of the game at all times.

A winning combo is awarded when three or more of the symbols fall from left to right across the reels in any of the game’s 15 paylines. All these paylines plus more information about the value of each of the symbols can be found in the paytable in the upper left-hand corner of the reels.

Game Features

The Showman has 3 amazing tricks up his sleeve to wow you and hopefully grab you a nice pile of cash. The first is the bonus game. When 2 or more of the scatters fall on reels 1, 2, or 3, you will be whipped away to the bonus round with up to 20 free spins and a win multiplier of up to 5x! There is a great opportunity for you to land yourself a fantastic jackpot here!

The second flourish can take place at any random point in the base game. The Showman shall make the reels begin to glow and they will stop with the same symbols showing across at least 3. This is a great chance for you to grab a guaranteed win!

Finally, the last thing the Showman does is randomly throw out 25 extra Wilds onto the reels. These can be a neat little boost that can cause a Win to appear where there wasn’t one before. What will you manage to net?

Overall, the Showman has the potential for some great wins and it is great fun to play. Why not give it a whirl for yourself now?

Game Stats
Paylines 15
Min. Bet £0.15
Max. Bet £225
Bonus Round Various