Three Musketeers

With Three Musketeers from the fun-loving developers at Red Tiger, you are bound to feel like a Musketeer yourself. Grab your rapier and your hat and swing into action now at Slot Shack.


This game looks fit for a King. The background contains wonderfully rich red banners and the reels are placed so they look like part of an archway amongst the streets of the Musketeers’ Paris.

The developers have included a number of different symbols to help you win. There are the card suits, a plumed hat, a tankard, the three swords of the Three Musketeers, and a golden Fleur-de-Lis. There are also scatters bearing the faces of each of the Musketeers which each unlock a different Bonus features as well as Wilds bearing each of their colours.

How to Play

All the information you need to play Three Musketeers is available to you on the game screen. When you first load the game, you will have the chance to browse the paytable where you can find the pay values of each symbol, the location of each of the game’s 40 paylines, and more information about the Bonus Features.

Your bet can be adjusted using the plus and minus buttons in the bottom left corner of the screen. There are also some autoplay functions for anyone not wanting to repeatedly hit the spin button. These can be programmed to cut the autospin after a certain loss level or in the event of a Bonus game. Please note that changing your bet to another value will cancel your progress towards the Bonus Games.

Game Features

Three Musketeers has some fascinating special features which are bound to intrigue any player whether they are a newcomer or a long-time slot fan. At any point, one of the Musketeers can choose to slash the reels with his sword to reveal some Wilds. Porthos will slash horizontally, Aramis will slash vertically, and Athos will slash diagonally.

The Musketeers each have their own Bonus round too. These are activated using the scatters bearing their faces. When one lands on the reels, a random number of feathers will drift over to the progress bars at the side. Simply fill the bar to unlock the Bonus Feature!

Porthos offers you a fun minigame which leads to some brilliant multipliers. Just choose from one of the 3 symbols and guide him through the tavern. The further in you go, the higher the multiplier you can win!

Aramis whisks you away to the windmill which forms an amazing Bonus Wheel. When you are ready, spin the windmill. Each of its sails has a multiplier attached to it, some with an extra Spin. Whichever sail Aramis’ sword lands on will create a fantastic multiplier! Any additional ones will add to the multiplier. It offers you the chance to net an unbelievable jackpot!

Athos will simply offer you a cash deal. Will you accept his offer, or do you think he has a better one still to make? It is your decision.

Three Musketeers is a fun slot with all the excitement and camaraderie of the adventures of the Musketeers themselves. We think all slot players will find something to love here. Do you have what it takes to become the Fourth Musketeer?

Game Stats
Paylines 40
Min. Bet £0.20
Max. Bet £40
Bonus Round Various