To help us increase the number of people who 'Like' us on Facebook, we've come up with a sizzler of an idea!

Once our page reaches 500 'Likes' we will host a prize draw competition where someone will win a BBQ.

Doing things by halves isn't in our nature here at Slot Shack, so the BBQ in question is the suitably impressive Outback Omega 250 2-Burner Gas BBQ!

If this thing doesn't get the neighbours jealous, nothing will!  

How to take part?

Simply jump across to our Facebook page by clicking the button below and hit 'LIKE'. Once we reach 500 Likes we will publish a post called 'Sizzling Shack'. You will have 7 days to 'Like' this post after which the competition will be declared closed and a prize draw will be made, counting the 'Likers' of the 'Sizzling Shack' post an entrants. 

Go to our Facebook Page!