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Weekly Spinathon

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Every week we are rewarding our Top 100 players with exclusive trophies which can be used to win Free Spins!

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How to be a SPINATHON winner?

It's so easy, you just need to play!
Play your favourite slots, and climb up the leaderboard!
The more you play= the better the trophy you can win.
You will also get more points for higher value spins.

Each £0.1 to £0.49 spin will award 1 Point.
Each £0.5 to £0.99 spin will award 2 Points.
Each £1 to £4.99 spin will award 4 Points.
Each £5 spin and up will award 20 Points.

Every week 100 players will get an exclusive Trophy! Will you be one of the winning Spinathon champions this week?


  1. The weekly Spinathon promotion runs from 00:01 on Sunday until 23:59 the following Saturday.
  2. The 100 players with the most points at the end of each week's promotions will be credited with various Trophies.
  3. The Trophies credited as part of this promotion have no monetary value.
  4. The Spinathon leaderboard is updated once an hour.
  5. The amount of points credited for various wager amounts are outlined above.
  6. Points are credited for wagers on slot games only, wagering on table games such as roulette and blackjack or scratch card games will not be counted.