Captain Cashfall

Captain Cashfall is a high energy multi-line slot game that is buzzing with bonuses and jackpots.  This progressive jackpot slot game has 3 different pots of gold that can be won alongside multiple bonus features that allow players to win bucketloads of cash.  This 20 payline slot game has been developed by Core Gaming and can be played on Slot Shack alongside a multitude of other slot and casino games.


This slot game is themed around Captain Cashfall who is a legendary fisherman.  The bearded character could be the key to winning one of the 3 pots of gold that you will see teasing you at the bottom of the slot.  You will find the conventional 10, J, Q, K and A symbols on this slot but alongside them, you will find fishing reels and cartoon-like fish symbols which are far more rewarding in terms of payment. 

How to Play

This slot game can be played from as little as 20p a shot (with maximum paylines) or up to £500 for the hardcore players amongst us.  You can play in auto-spin mode or manually.  At any point, you are looking to see what the different symbols are valued at or how to activate any of the bonuses, press on the information button situated at the left-hand side of the slot.  You can play this slot game on either a mobile device or PC.

Game Features

There are multiple features available on this game which are not only rewarding in terms of potential cash wins but are exciting and entertaining.  Sail your way to bagging some extra cash money on any of the following innovative features:

Lobster Pot – The Captain Cashfall symbol is the lucky one that can win you any of the three pots of gold.  If you spin in 3 of the Captain Cashfall symbols, then immediately you will see 2 treasure chests appear.  When you click on these chests, cash amounts will jump out of them and be added to your cash balance.  This will continue until there are no funds left.  If either the bronze, symbol or gold symbols appear, this will be added to the relevant pot of gold – get 3 of any of the pots, then the cash amount advertised within this pot will be yours.  We aren’t talking a few hundred quid here but a lot of money which will have you smiling on the way to the bank!

Fishwife – In order to gain some free spins then you must spin in 3 or more of the fishwife symbols.  The bonus on this feature is that reels 2 and 4 will also have some frozen wilds.

Sea Dog – When 3 of the seadog symbols are spun in, you will trigger an instant win bonus.  There are several prizes that could be revealed here which include free spins or a cash amount.

In summary, Captain Cashfall is oozing with excitement and a lot of opportunities to win larger amounts of cash.  Core Gaming have put a lot of effort into this slot to ensure that not only can players win large cash amounts but are glued to the screen with the buzz coming from the game.

Game Stats
Paylines 20
Min. Bet £0.20
Max. Bet £500
Bonus Round Various